The rise of the at-home cocktail party

Ladies standing in front of converted horse box bar whilst bartenders shake cocktails for at-home cocktail party
Cocktail o'clock with our gorgeous 'Arabella'

Although bars and restaurants are open for business again, boozing at home has never been in such a booming state. Historically the UK’s drinking culture centred around pubs, earning them being dubbed as “the cornerstone of society” by many. However, the arrival of national lockdowns saw many Brits enjoying a glass or two at home and now restrictions are over there at home cocktail parties are on the up.

Private at-home cocktail parties are on the rise and hosting at home is a popular choice for many post-pandemic. Many are bored of the wine and beer that saw them through lockdown, leaning towards a well-made cocktail for a more luxurious drinking experience. Pubs and bars have seen a 20% slump in trade as a lot of the population feel more comfortable entertaining their friends and family in the comfort of their own home. We haven’t even mentioned the rise of virtual cocktail masterclasses resulting in many trying different drinks and appreciating the art of cocktail making.

Teepee tent next to vintage market cart filled with jam jar cocktails for at-home cocktail party
Vintage market cart = perfect cocktail station

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