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The rise of the at-home cocktail party

Ladies standing in front of converted horse box bar whilst bartenders shake cocktails for at-home cocktail party
Cocktail o'clock with our gorgeous 'Arabella'

Although bars and restaurants are open for business again, boozing at home has never been in such a booming state. Historically the UK’s drinking culture centred around pubs, earning them being dubbed as “the cornerstone of society” by many. However, the arrival of national lockdowns saw many Brits enjoying a glass or two at home and now restrictions are over there at home cocktail parties are on the up.

Private at-home cocktail parties are on the rise and hosting at home is a popular choice for many post-pandemic. Many are bored of the wine and beer that saw them through lockdown, leaning towards a well-made cocktail for a more luxurious drinking experience. Pubs and bars have seen a 20% slump in trade as a lot of the population feel more comfortable entertaining their friends and family in the comfort of their own home. We haven’t even mentioned the rise of virtual cocktail masterclasses resulting in many trying different drinks and appreciating the art of cocktail making.

Teepee tent next to vintage market cart filled with jam jar cocktails for at-home cocktail party
Vintage market cart = perfect cocktail station

The Drunken Jockeys provide private cocktail bar hire in Surrey and London. From unique bar designs to impeccable cocktail services, when is comes to mobile bar hire for parties, we are the way forward in 2021. At-home cocktail parties are a fantastic way to mingle, enjoy a carefully crafted drink while you relax in your own home. Safe in th knowing that you and your guests will be taken care of.


Silver mobile airstream cocktail bar with light up bar letters in garden
Our bars are made to wow even the most hard to impress

If you’re hosting an at-home cocktail party in Surrey and are looking for a bar you can hire that will wow your guests and suit your theme, we are here to help. A bar is not just a place for your friends to order a drink, it should be an experience! Particularly for a cocktail party, the bar should be the focal point of your day. Do not settle for a standard design that may not add to your vision.

Due to the nature of a bar, it is a key piece of entertainment for you and your guests. By using a company who are specialists in the provision of private bar hire for home parties in Surrey, you can ensure the mobile bar is the heart of the festivities. Add in some bespoke props or gorgeous florals and you can reap the rewards of having a bar tailored to your theme down to the ground.


Yellow cocktail in glass tumbler and jam jar with dried pineapple, blue flower and pineapple leaf garnish.
The 'Mighty Joe' is perfect for a summer party

An obvious and key element of hosting a successful at-home cocktail party is the drinks. Not only is having a bunch of great cocktails on the menu a great way to impress your guests, but a balanced menu can make an evening. Hiring a professional cocktail bartender to take care of the drinks can allow you take your friends on a culinary journey. Creating a personalised menu is a standard service provided by The Drunken Jockeys. You can add personal touches to your drinks, for example, naming your cocktails to reflect key moments throughout your life or re-creating a drink you tried for the first time on your favourite holiday. Why not try a witty cocktail name to make your guests laugh.

The opportunity to have a personalised, high quality cocktail menu for your day can be compared to trying a tasting menu at a restaurant – it is an experience, not only for your guests, but for you too. Hiring professional bar staff for your private party in Surrey provides a stress-free solution so you can enjoy hosting, rather than worrying about making cocktails that everyone will enjoy. There’s no need to panic that you’ve run out of mixer or that you forgot to pick up sugar for the sugar syrup. We make sure that everything is taken care of from providing unique glassware to sourcing the perfect garnish.


Barman smiling behind jazz themed bar holding cocktail
Always service with a smile

This brings us onto bar service. If you’re looking to hire bar staff for parties on Surrey, look no further as our impeccable level of service is a quality we pride ourselves on immensely. We understand how to look after you and your guests and train our staff to an extremely high standard. We provide them with a great level of knowledge and expertise so whether their role is waiting staff or a mixologist, you know you’re in safe hands.

Using a home hire bartender for your private party is a great way for you to focus on hosting and socialising with your nearest and dearest. There is also a plethora of options so you can choose the service that’s right for you. Choosing a full bar service means we manage the bar, drinks and service so you don’t have a lift a finger (just a glass!). Alternatively, if you want to make use of your lockdown project and use your DIY home bar, booking a home hire mixologist may be the perfect option for you. This way you can still receive exceptional service and carefully crafted cocktails without the additional bar hire cost. On the other hand, dry hire is an alternative if you like the idea of buying your own beer and wine.

Variety of different jam jar cocktails with fruit garnishes and The Drunken Jockeys flyer placed in the middle
Our delivery cocktails were a lockdown love story

If this isn’t for you, our national cocktail delivery service may be the perfect solution. We’ll deliver freshly made cocktails in jars straight to your door and all you need to do is add ice and get shaking. An eco-friendly way to enjoy high quality cocktails. The options are endless!

Hosting a private cocktail party in your own home can be a personal way of celebrating with your friends and family and by hiring a mobile bar company, you can ensure your night will be fantastic from start to finish. We are there to provide an experience, not only to wow your guests but to enhance your event and elevate your night. Visit our website or give us a call to hire The Drunken Jockeys for your private cocktail party.

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