13 Amazing Inspirational Wedding Invitations

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Weddings are amongst other things, an opportunity to have a little fun! The invitations are really the first opportunity to add a bit of flair and start setting the tone of your day.

We specialise in portable bar hire in Surrey and the South of England, as well as operating a phenomenal creative bar service, however we thought we'd share some inspiration focussing on wedding invitations. Whether you want something elaborate or simple, here are a few creative twists which we love. Outrageous to beautifully designed, this collection has a bit of everything.

Strap in, there are some corkers...

Elegant and cool

We love this, not because it's particularly crazy but because it's beautifully designed. Interactive and personal, this invitation has it all. The custom stickers, which are not too cheesy, are a really great touch and the low key look and feel lays the foundations for a very relaxed and playful day.

Mike Carreiro

Sweet Like Chocolate

I think it's clear to see the inner designer fighting out here. Like the previous example this looks so cool. The colours are really retro and a half eaten chocolate bar is such a bold image. We don't really know how much this would cost but its a really cool way to send your guests an invite to your special day. Plus who doesn't love chocolate?

Gummy Industries and Giorgio Mininno

Tin Can Soldier

This idea is best if you're planning a dramatic getaway. If you are a great company on our radar is Bus and Bug Vintage Weddings. In these times it's more important than ever we support other small & medium businesses, plus they have really pretty wheels! This invite idea has it all. Its quirky, personal, recycles and ticks off something our bucket-list. A heroic exit.

Chris Trivizas

Smile For The Camera

Personal and fun this idea can be attached to something else or given on its own. There is a little room for design but make no mistake, the pressure is on in the photo booth. We recommend you photocopy the results to save cost.


So You Like Beer?

Do you love scouring holiday destinations for unique beers? Do you head down to your local brewery to buy ale for the weekend? Do you look forward to a foamy tipple after work? If you do this approach could be for you. Make no mistake this example has had some serious time spent on it by a designer but bottles of beer are not hard to come by. Slap your own label on, add an RSVP and voila, you have your very own beer themed invite.

Erynn Hesler

Give A Little

A little more simple than the example above with a very similar message, "Come and celebrate with us!" Here at The Drunken Jockeys we love ideas that engage and interact. This doesn't involve custom design or elaborate printing, it's simple. Sometimes simple is best.

Add A Bit Of Mystery

If you like a bit of suspense or have a vintage theme this is could be the approach for you. It does however lead to the untimely death of a few books. But you never know, your guests may find a use for a hollowed out book.


Keep It Simple Stupid

If this is more your cup of tea we get it. This is an example of a really beautifully designed playful invite. It isn't that hard create if you know your way around design. Alternatively a felt tip would also do the trick. We love it.


Smug As A Mug

This idea we found whilst trawling through ideas from, you guessed it, America. A chance to bring a smile to your guests faces, we thought it definitely needed to feature!


Rustic Delight

This is a little bit of us from top to bottom. We simply love it. Really elegant and personal this suggests a tasteful low key wedding. You can almost hear the buzzing of the bees and smell the summer flowers. Its intimate hand made aesthetic, combined with a clever self-tying knot ticks all our boxes. Cracking invite.

Matt Brown Photography - thenaturalweddingcompany

I DIY, Don't You?

There will always be a place in our heart for personal touches. Grab a teabag and stain some paper like you're back at school, maybe don't burn the edges on this occasion though.. Get creative like this example, who doesn't love a doodle.

Minted Weddings

No Ticket No Entry

Tickets will never go out of fashion and they are always nice to receive. A cursory glance on google will throw up multiple sites that will help you create similar examples. There is still plenty of room for personal touches.


Fold Out The Time Line

It's always nice to give your guests a bit of a heads up. Itineraries can be boring, this one certainly is not. Another example that we at The Drunken Jockeys think has it all. Larger than life, great to look at and very different. If you love detail, this invitation has acres of space and may not be your style, however it's the space that makes this so appealing to us. The rope creates a cool timeline that fits in well with the wedding theme taking you on a visual journey. Top draw.


Sticking To The Theme

This is a Drunken Jockey original. By original, we mean the brainchild of one of our awesome clients. James and Olive had a Penguin Books themed wedding and these wedding invitations were great. Again, what is so cool about this example is that there are no groundbreakingly technical aspects. Just a whole lot of imagination and personal quirk! It just proves you don't need to break the bank or reinvent the wheel to add personality. The blurb included a quote and a picture of the lovely couple with additional information about the event. The barcode was even covered by hand written names of the recipients, like that of a lost library book! If you do want to reinvent the wheel though, we can definitely help you along the way.

Will Burchill Photography

Here at The Drunken Jockeys making experiences unique from the first invite to the last drink of the night is what we do. We are available every step along the way to offer inspiration and when asked to create something unique to exceed expectations. Running events is not rocket science. Ensure the basics are done well. Use great staff, serve delicious drinks, bring a rocking bar and never forget the importance of the little things.

Peace and love,

The Drunken Jockeys.


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