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5 Creative Bar Ideas That Will Make Your Event Stand Out!

Here at The Drunken Jockeys we live and breathe bars, offering portable bar hire and mobile vehicle bar hire across South London, Surrey and the South of England. Choosing the perfect bar can enhance your event no end, so here are five great bar styles ideas - all available to hire from The Drunken Jockeys! Jump from circular bars to rediscovered vintage pieces, explore the opportunities for foliage and learn how each bar is suited to different types of event.

Circular Bars

Circular bars are growing increasingly popular. Whether they are wrapped in textured material, clad in reclaimed wood or wrapped in custom vinyl wrap for a modern finish, the versatile shape makes for a beautiful centrepiece. Like all things, circular bars have their pros and cons.

One large advantage is the bar can be split down the middle into sides, with two different themes and menus (fun for a 'his and her' setup). Another is the more obvious advantage of being able to serve from different directions. Add a touch of overhead foliage and your guests are in for a treat!

Left: 360° Circular bar, photo by jessica-jaccaron-photography Middle: 180° Circular bar, Photo by jessica Lynne Studios. Right: 180° Circular bar with floral display and menu design

A limitation of circular bars is that if they're not used in a 360 degree angle, the serving space is smaller than that of a straight bar and there is limited space for a rear display. This may not have a great effect on smaller events, but large parties in a limited space may regret choosing a bar with such a large footprint.

Rediscovered Antiques

Teeming with character, these up-cycled antiques make for tremendous bar set-ups. Our white Tudor-style portable bar, Florence, was built using reclaimed panels from a Tudor estate, whilst Albert's mahogany finish suits an early 20th century style that's currently very popular.

This style of bar works extremely well to enhance the theme of an event. Creating immersive experiences with vintage props with foliage pouring out of drawers softens edges and works a treat with this style. Each piece is unique and built to last which adds a touch of class to any occasion. Position a well-dressed barman with a knack for creating a cracking cocktail and there is no question why this option is on the rise.

Top left: Florence, The Drunken Jockeys. Top Right: Reclaimed Olive sideboard.

Barrel Bars

Barrel bars are great. They lack the bulk of antique reclaimed furniture and ooze a relaxed feel. Very simple to enlarge and shorten, these bars are an easy fix when space is lacking. The relaxed style has the ability to slide seamlessly into any theme. Try using it as a self service water station, favour stand or cake display to maintain a theme. The barrels also make for great poseur tables for guest to congregate round.

For smaller events with a simple menu, this bar can really work but for larger more complex events we'd recommend one of our larger options.

Left: Whisky Barrel Bar, Right: Whisky Barrel Display,

Rustic Carts

If a self-service event is on your radar or you need a display, whisky barrels are not your only option - handmade carts are for you. These beauties used to be a frequent sight on the streets of the UK and luckily we have rescued a few ourselves. Sturdy and beautifully rustic, these carts are incredibly versatile. Use them to stack plates, display dessert, stage a drinks station or even a 'make your own cocktail' bar.

Your imagination really is the limit! Here's one of our favourite quirky ideas: add some fairy lights, candles and water, then wheel it outside towards the end of the night and you have your very own lighthouse for stragglers from the dancefloor! Package that up with some hangover cure gift bags and your guests will be forever grateful.

Bottom-Right; Drinks Cart

Beer Dispensing Unit

If you're having a larger event and bottles or cans simply won't cut the mustard then having a beer dispensing station is a great addition! What is particularly cool about these bars is that they can be self-service. The kegs are purchased in advance at a bargain price and your guests can drink to their heart's content. Choose from local to more commercial beers which come with jaw-dropping vehicles, or simply as an addition to existing bars.

Beer pumps are very versatile so something can be made to measure, that way no beer lover feels left out!

Top-Right: All: The Pulling station, (The Drunken Jockeys, Will Burchill Photography).

Here at The Drunken Jockeys, making events stick in your memory from the first sip to the last tipple of the night is what we do. We are available every step along the way to offer inspiration, and when asked to create something unique, to exceed your expectations. Staying unique and at the top of your game requires constant work and commitment, which is something we pride ourselves on here at The Drunken Jockeys.

Remember, always ensure the basics are done well, use great staff, serve delicious drinks, bring a rocking bar and never forget the importance of the little things.

Thanks for reading,

The Drunken Jockeys.


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