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Fego X TDJ 'Sunny Side Down'

Small red cocktail with black sesame crumb and chicken and waffle dish.
The 'Hawaiian Hog' and 'Chicken & Waffle'

If Fego did dinners, they'd be smashing it! But let's give those other groovy high-street diners a chance. A couple fo weeks ago we had the opportunity to collaborate with Fego to create something never before seen in Cobham. We decided to flip it 'sunny side down' to celebrate breakfast at twilight...why not?!

For this exclusive event, we joined forces with the industry heavyweight to re-work 5 of Fego's favourite dishes, carefully pairing them with innovative cocktails to complement the flavours.

Flute glasses with cocktail and edible flower.
The 'Sicilian White Lady'

Our first contender was the breakfast classic 'Eggs Royale. With the added touch of Marmite butter and Earl Grey smoked salmon, we decided to pair this with a cocktail that was delicate but still packed a punch. Sticking with the key ingredient of the dish, the Sicilian White Lady made the perfect match with its egg white foam top. A combination of Wessex's 'Alfred the Great' gin, Ginger & Sicilian lemon gin with the added tang of ginger syrup and lemon juice. We finished it off with Yellow Chartreuse and a dash of grapefruit bitters to help cleanse the palette for the first course of the night.

Red cocktail with black sesame crumb and pineapple leaf garnish.
The 'Hawaiian Hog'

Next up was the American favourite 'Chicken & Waffle'. Freshly baked waffle topped with crispy chicken and tomato & pancetta jam led us to focus on the herby flavours from the meat. Welcome the 'Hawaiian Hog'. Here, we paired Havana Club 7 with roasted pineapple syrup, pineapple paprika puree, black sesame syrup and finished with a bacon and black sesame crumb. The sweet pineapple balances out the saltiness from the pancetta making it the perfect accompaniment for this delicious dish.

Barman double-straining cocktail into flute glass.
The 'Not-So Bloody Mary'

Our third course of the night was the failsafe 'Sausage & Egg bap'. This wasn't just your ordinary sausage sandwich from your local cafe. The additions of burnt onion ketchup, cheddar, egg yolk puree and pork scraps supercharged this everyday classic to the next level. Therefore, we had to create a drink with the same wow factor. As this is a classic dish, what better than a classic Bloody Mary? However, there's a twist (surprise surprise). To take away the classic redness of this drink, we used clarified tomato juice and paired with Tabasco, Lea & Perrins, habanero hot sauce topped with celery salt to give it a fiery kick. Here you have the 'Not-so Bloody Mary'.

Shot glass with cocktail garnished with strawberry and mint sprig.
The 'Tipsy Malt'

The penultimate course called for something sweet, so Fego came up with the 'AB&J Banana Bread Stack'. A fusion of an American 'PBJ' sandwich and sweet & sticky banana bread, this dish included almond butter, caramelised banana puree, lemon curd and vanilla cream to be a dream for those with a sweet tooth. We decided to stick to the banana route and pair pineapple rum and banana liqueur with King Edwards coffee liqueur, banana, vanilla ice cream topped off with a sprinkle of malt to create the 'Tipsy Malt'. Creamy and sweet, this one could have almost of been the dessert!

Last but not least was the 'Fego French Toast'. As well as the cocktail pairing, they decided to add a little booze to dish with a spiced rum and vanilla soaked brioche and a boozy berry compote. Add some Nutella, mascarpone, fresh berries, black coconut ice cream and finish with a maple glazed granola and you've got yourself the perfect treat to end the night! So, what better to pair with toast than a cuppa? Enter 'The Mad Hatter'. Served in a dainty tea cup, we created a mix of Gooseberry & Elderflower gin, Wessex's Alfred the Great, Earl grey syrup, sage and an absinthe wash. This is one even Alice wouldn't be able to put down. Poured from a china teapot with some added smoke for effect, we ended the night in style!

Barman double shaking cocktail shaker
The 'Double Shake'

We still can’t get the spectacular tastes, smells, and sights of the night out of our heads! A big thank you to everyone involved and for those lucky enough to come down to experience this fantastic evening with us.

Lady holding tea cup whilst waiter pours cocktail from tea pot.
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Head to our Instagram 'Events' highlight to see all the shenanigans from the evening.


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