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Bottle of the Month - Gulliver's 47 'An Adventurous Spirit' (Part 1)

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

There are not many brands that can boast the heritage of Samuel Gulliver and Co, let alone attest to a story worthy of the silver screen.

The start of Gulliver’s illustrious journey with spirits begins in Oxfordshire in 1747, when Samuel Gulliver opens a diverse wine and spirits business in the picturesque town of Banbury. We cannot know whether it was this diversity that led to his success, but Gulliver’s grew from a shop to a warehouse and by the late 1800’s twenty shops bore the Gullver’s name.

One hundred and fifty years after its founding Gulliver’s rum was being shipped to British troops from the trenches to air bases throughout the First World War. Adding to what is already an impressive story, one member of the Gulliver family was the inspiration for Jonathan Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels!’ We are not sure what it is, but alcohol and adventure seem to go hand in hand…

Here at the Drunken Jockey’s we are suckers for history and a good story, that is probably why our bars are so good (not trying to toot our own horn). Samuel Gulliver and co encapsulates what we are all about, taking something old and full of heritage and reinventing it to bring it back to life. Unfortunately, Samuel Gulliver and co closed its doors in 1957 but Stuart Gulliver has facilitated its’ return to follow in his 8th great grandfather’s footsteps! I’m sure you can tell we are grinning from ear to ear writing this piece. The best part is we love the whisky!

Gulliver’s 47 is the first of what Stuart hopes will become a diverse range of quality spirits worthy of the heritage surrounding his company name. It is a beautifully peaty expression distilled in England’s oldest distillery based in Norfolk. You can’t get away from the heritage with this whisky, the image of Samuel Gulliver proudly stamped on the box is the same drawing found on the original bottles in 1747. We love the idea this image has been current through the changing faces of time from rural Oxfordshire, through the Victorian era and into the trenches.

Gulliver’s 47 is bottled at 47% and is a 4 year old small batch, matured in unbroken bourbon barrels by St Georges Distillery, Norfolk. Whether you are a whisky buff or not you simply cannot escape the fact this is a beautifully tasting expression. The proof, how about gold at the 2019 world whisky awards. It’s smoky peated pallet was the reason we had to go back to Stuart and ask for another bottle to shoot, we literally couldn’t stop sipping. It’s flavours are both smooth and sweet, sliding on a bed of smoky goodness! The caramel from the bourbon casks combined with the peated notes makes this a distinct whisky that we can’t get enough of.

A really fantastic first instalment in what we can’t wait to see mature into a cracking range of spirits!

Stay tuned for Part 2, when we pair this excellent whisky with some premium mixers courtesy of Fever-Tree.



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