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Gulliver's 47 Part 2: Pairing an Adventurous Sprit

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

If you’re not already aware, Fever-Tree have a range of mixers aimed at supporting the current boom in darker spirits. We met with Stuart Gulliver in a cosy pub in Surrey, where he asked if we would like to do some investigation into what best suits the unique flavour of Gulliver’s 47.

We love these challenges! Interacting with products we provide to our customers allows for a better understanding of the diverse spirits we are proud to serve.

The very same traits that make Gulliver’s 47 a tremendous whisky, also makes it a very surprising spirit to pair. We have to admit out first instinct was Fever-Tree’s Smokey Ginger Ale. After some sampling the peaty notes which make this whisky so distinct become overpowering when added to the mixer. A great offering from Fever-Tree, but not best suited for Gulliver’s 47.

Our choices.

First place is Fever-Tree’s Premium Ginger Ale. It is an unbelievably clean ginger ale that really earns the label 'Premium'. The absence of over sweetening allows the character of this expression to flourish, adding to the light delivery of this exquisite 4 year old bottling. This both refreshing and quietly complex Premium Ginger Ale is the strongest coupling from Fever-Tree to enhance the flavour of Gulliver's 47.

A close second comes Fever-Tree’s Spiced Orange Ginger Ale. The sweet, fruity notes of the South African clementine pairs beautifully with the peated notes of this English whisky. As stated by Fever-Tree, this offering is designed for Cognac and rum, but the individuality of this bottling lends itself to this unique premium mixer.



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