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Here at The Drunken Jockeys, we offer mobile wedding bar hire in Surrey, London and South East England and are firm believers that a bar is more than just a place to get a drink, but that it should be an experience.


For you welcome drinks, you can choose to go for a classic reception with Prosecco, Cremont and Champagne.

If you feel like jazzing it up, opt for a Bellini or add your own twist to a welcome cocktail!

Fancy adding a bar element? Our vintage Market Cart and Lectern bar make the perfect choice for drinks reception.



For the wedding breakfast, we can offer an extensive wine list covering everything from a sweet rosé to a full-bodied red.


The caterer will usually take centre stage during at this point, however our aim is to always ensure you're being looked after.We pride ourselves on our personal service and well-trained staff.


There are number of options to choose from for your evening bar. We offer cash & tab and paid bar options so you can decide which one best suits your wedding.

With everything from draft beer to bespoke cocktails, you can be sure to keep everyone happy.

We offer a vast collection of beautifully designed bars, ranging from rustic wood to hand-tiled elegance. As our USP, you're sure to find your perfect bar.

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