The World's Most Sustainable Pint - Good Things Brewing

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

As we progress into a new age of sustainability, one of the areas that I feel is being overlooked is the alcohol industry, perhaps for obvious reasons.

From a personal viewpoint I’ve made a conscious effort over the last year to cut down my meat consumption, buy local seasonal produce where possible and car share with my Drunken Jockeys colleagues. When I go down the pub after a long week, however, my environmental barometer goes out the window. I’m not thinking about tonnes of carbon, spent grain or water waste - I just want to unwind, relax and enjoy a few pints.

The hidden truth is the brewing process for beer is extremely energy intensive, requires a large supply of fresh water and has a huge by-product of spent grain which is often wasted. We stumbled across an innovative brewery in our own backyard trying to rectify all of this whilst making a top notch pint.

A few months ago we paid a visit to Good Things Brewing, I didn’t know what to expect when we all bundled into Zack’s Land Rover but soon we were in the rolling Kentish countryside. After a few wrong turns we pulled into an old farm with a large rabble of ducks and chickens running riot (Zack’s worst nightmare due to his phobia of birds.) We later found out someone had left the door to the store open, and they were thieving the grain.

We were quickly greeted by Chris, the founder of the operation, who took us on a fantastic brewery tour and showed us how he was leading the way in sustainability for other breweries.