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Reviving Summer: The Clarified Piña Colada'

Clarified pina colada with Tuile garnish

In the evolving realm of cocktail innovation, certain creations not only refresh but redefine the experience. Our latest creation, the Clarified Piña Colada, became a standout feature at Fantasia III, a prestigious showcase at the pinnacle of the events industry. This cocktail, designed specifically for an under-the-sea themed area, takes the classic piña colada to an exquisite new level.

The magic begins with the use of whole milk for clarification. This method involves curdling the milk with the acidic components of the cocktail and then straining it, which results in a cocktail that is as clear as the Caribbean waters it evokes, yet maintains a creamy, silky texture that is pure indulgence.

Bottled Clarified Pina Colada presented in chest

The tropical flavours are composed of a blend of rums including Plantation Double Dark, which provides a robust base, complemented by pineapple puree and lime juice for that quintessential citrusy tang. However, what truly sets this cocktail apart is the coconut demerara syrup. Made with toasted desiccated coconut, the syrup infuses the drink with a biscuity, malt flavours that adds depth and complexity. The blend is combined with whole milk which not only aids in clarification but also contributes to the cocktail’s luxurious mouthfeel. Additionally, coconut water is added post-clarification to enhance the coconut profile without clouding the clarity, alongside Velvet Falernum for a touch of spice and sweetness.

Lady holding tea cup whilst waiter pours cocktail from tea pot.

Each sip of this clarified piña colada is a journey through layers of flavour, beautifully balanced and visually stunning. It's not just a drink; it’s a statement of elegance and sophistication. As summer beckons, this cocktail offers a sublime escape, a taste of the tropics with a refined twist. If you have a love of cocktails and want to explore, check out our cocktails page here.

Please get in contact with the team if you would like this at your next event!


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