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Uncorked is born!

If you don't already know, Uncorked is brought to you by The Drunken Jockeys, who create weird and wonderful vintage bar set ups and couple these awesome bar solutions with stunning cocktails and cracking service.

One of the best things about working in the events industry, has to be the crazy range of people we come into contact with each week. From brand reps to landowners, one man burger bands to hip halloumi selling ex-financiers. We feel very blessed to contribute to this community of people and we can wait to share them with you.

It really isn't work if you love what you do. Photo by Ollie Hilliard

We wanted to start a blog / create a platform where we could share the amazing knowledge people are more than happy to share with us. This little literary escapade is for anyone planning an event or vintage wedding, anyone who simply loves cocktails, anyone who loves cocktails but has no idea how to make them, anyone who loves a decent read and anyone who is yet to find out that car-boots are perhaps the greatest outings in the world.

tipi tent, cocktails, The Drunken Jockeys
It's just a pace in a field when you take the people out of it. - Photo by Ollie Hilliard

Short, interesting, honest and insightful. We think this is what the world needs right now, so we are going to give it a go. Uncorked will be a place to discover our favourite spirits, learn how to rustle up some smashing cocktails, experience great food vendors and showcase some fantastic venues.

Cheers for giving this a read, we can't wait for whats to come!


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