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Why mobile bar hire is the way forward for your wedding

Bride and groom sat at table in front of converted horse box bar 'Arabella'.
The perfect outdoor wedding bar solution

Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life, so choosing your suppliers with care is essential to getting the most out of your experience. Here at The Drunken Jockeys, we offer mobile wedding bar hire in Surrey, London and South East England and are firm believers that a bar is more than just a place to get a drink, but that it should be an experience.

Using specialist suppliers are essential. Choosing a mobile bar specialist will make your day run smoother whilst reaping the rewards of a lifetime of experience in their chosen field. You wouldn’t ask a chef to put up a marquee. They may do a great job, but there is no doubt they will sear you a better steak. Your guests will spend on average 45 minutes at a service, two hours enjoying a boozy reception, two hours eating a fantastic meal and five hours dancing and visiting the evening bar. That’s at least 5 hours where a bar is the main focal point (besides your dance moves).

Barman behind Lectern bar catching cocktail shaker in his hand. Standing in front of fairground carousel.
We only hire the best of the best

Traditionally, caterers are considered the most important supplier at a wedding. Whilst we a agree that great food is remembered, everyone attends a wedding for a great time. That’s what a bar is for, to ensure a good time becomes a great one. Your guests will spend more time at the bar than anywhere else, so why not invest. A specialist bar supplier will offer a better service, more choice and ultimately better drinks!

It’s important to note wedding bar hire is available from a range of suppliers, such as venues and marquee companies. However, there tends to be a lack of variety, and options to choose a bespoke bar to suit your theme is a sacrifice that you can avoid. Whether you’re looking for Parisian chic, modern minimalism or a vintage delight, opting for a themed mobile bar is a great opportunity to further theme your day and add that showstopping element. Collaborating with your florist to take this to the next level is another way to make the most out of a beautiful bar. Having separate bars which suit sections of your day is also another benefit of using mobile bar hire for weddings. Try a market cart counter for reception drinks and a circular bar for your main evening reception.

Bride in floral crown standing in front of converted horse box bar surrounded by wedding guests
Our job is to elevate your day

Private bar hire for weddings and portable bars are on the rise and good mobile bars are versatile but beautiful. It’s important to note bars are available from a range of suppliers, such as venues and marquee companies but most of these are traditional serving counters which limits the kind of drinks bartenders can make. This means the cocktail you enjoyed on your first date might not feature on your menu. Hiring a mobile bar specialist gives you free reign when deciding your menu, ensuring you can make your day as personal as you want, all the way down to the ingredients you choose.

Barman smiling holding a bottle of champagne in front of airstream bar
We offer impeccable bar service and gorgeous bars

Wedding mobile bar hire is not just about the beautiful looking bars. We pride ourselves in our impeccable bar service and offer talented mixologists who go the extra mile to add that flair to your special day. When you boil it down, our job is to look after you. In some cases, that’s delivering a hard drink before a best man’s speech, in others it’s a cold glass of water after a long reception. Hiring cocktail mixologists for weddings can add that extra sparkle to your day. When it comes to cocktails, it’s about going off menu or adding a twist on a classic. A custom drinks menu allows for unique ingredients that make the cocktails stand out and delicate garnishes add the finishing touch to every drink. Pair these delicious drinks with our professional staff and a gorgeous bar, that’s a match made in heaven!

360 wooden round bar decorated with floral halo in wedding marquee
Add florals for the finishing touch to your bar

We often find that a couple would like to provide their own alcohol, but they love the idea of hiring a mobile bar. There is a way where you can have the best of both! Although at The Drunken Jockeys our cocktails are a key element of what we do, we understand that couples can feel that buying their own alcohol is the right option for them. Therefore, we also offer a dry bar hire for weddings and events meaning in these situations, you can still have the bar of your dreams.

Bride with bouquet standing in front of vintage Albert bar at wedding
Opt for a mobile bar to add that extra sparkle

Although hiring suppliers outside of your venue can seem like a stressful move, the end result will be worth it. Bar suppliers are specialists at what they do. Hiring professional bar staff for weddings will make your day easier, more relaxed and ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. All you have to do, is choose your bar and your menu and they should take care of the rest. After all, what are you paying them for? To hire any of our bars or to get a quote for your big day, get in contact so we can make your bar dreams a reality.


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