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Bottle of the Month - Fireside Gin

With Christmas just around the corner and the cold nights getting longer, we’ve been getting stuck into our “Bottle of the Month”. This is the first batch of a new series where we share our favourite tipple of the month to bring you something new and delicious!

This December we’ve been blown away by a sublime winter gin called Fireside. Crafted by the guys at Poetic License up in Sunderland, it's ideal for those looking to push the gin boundaries that bit further.

Before we even tasted the gin we were taken aback by the gorgeous shape of the bottle and intricate design. When you uncork (yes, these have a nice big cork stopper!) the bottle for the first time the smell instantly reminds you of Christmas with dried fruits and spices. They are big, bold flavours that we struggle to find in other gins.

Here’s been our favourite way to enjoy Fireside this month:

The Classic Serve

We found the best way to enjoy this gin cold is with a bottle of ginger ale as it really brings out the spices. However if ginger is really not your thing then a nice premium tonic water will be fine. Garnish with a healthy sliver of orange peel, and make sure you twist to unlock all the oils and zest.

Mulled Fireside

As the temperature has been dropping we’ve most enjoyed this gin in its mulled form! For 1 serving mix 75ml of cloudy apple juice with 75ml of ginger beer in a pan and set on a low heat. Don’t put the gin in yet as you don’t want to boil any of the alcohol off.

Finely grate a small amount of cinnamon to taste and stir occasionally until hot, but not boiling. Pour into a glass and add 50ml of Fireside and a stick of cinnamon for garnish. These have been keeping us warm and smiling whilst braving the elements and winter DIY… which is not compulsory to enjoy this drink!

Fireside Toddy

A spin on an old classic that really plays to Fireside's strengths. My girlfriend was ill and I went through my usual routine of making her a hot toddy. My normal recipe involves juicing half a lemon, finely chopping a small thumb of ginger and putting a tablespoon of honey into a pot. I pour on the boiling water, leave it to brew for five minutes and strain into a mug.

Taking this up to her in bed, I saw the bottle of Fireside on my desk. I put 50ml in the mug with the brew and it worked so well! What I really like is the delicate flavours of the tea doesn't overpower the gin and you can sweeten to taste with more honey.

If you want to get your hands on a bottle for Christmas you can buy directly from the Poetic License website using this link. Next month we’ll venture into our own backyard, the Surrey Hills to see what local craft distilleries we can find.

Photo's by Will Burchill & Tom Sebastiano


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